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Thursday, December 28, 2006


I just received a question that I thought would make a good topic.
"Does anyone know how to "stipple" shade a drawing to be used in a design patent? I've heard of using a vector merge and RPENS, but i am unfamiliar with Raster Design. thanks! "

I've never used this, but can see where it could come in handy for shading. If you can find a hatch pattern or design in AutoCAD that you like, you can apply it as a vector pattern over the top of an image then use IVMERGE to turn it into a part of the raster image. RPENS tells Raster Design how many pixels wide the line should be. I normally use 3 pixels as a size, but for stippling, you may want to try it with different settings.

To start with, draw an outline over the image for the pattern, then hatch it as normal. You will not want associative hatch if you don’t want the border to become part of the image. You can either type RPENS, or the pull-down menu. If you use the menu, go to Image > Merge > Configure Raster Pens. Under Pen Width, start with the number 3, & select the radio button for Pixels.

Next, select the hatch pattern, then type IVMERGE in the command line, or for the menu, go to Image > Merge > Vector to raster.

I hope you find this to be helpful.


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